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This book is a must for anyone wanting to run their vehicle on biodiesel or who just wants to know what the stuff is.

It will take you through an education process which, at the end, could leave you deciding to make your own. Either just for your own vehicle or as a business venture.

Full do-it-yourself instructions are given, for home production or for something more extensive. For those wishing to take their first steps towards challenging the OPEC oil producers, a review of purpose-built mini-process plant is provided.

You don’t need a Chemical Engineering degree to understand this book! Information is presented with great enthusiasm and in an easy-reading style. Furthermore, extensive references to relevant web sites allow the more curious reader to follow up his or her own research interests.

The book deals with both the environmental and economic issues, and outlines the potential to move towards a more sustainable transport future. The tax implications of biodiesel production are also discussed.

Most importantly throughout the book, for those of a practical persuasion, the health and safety “do’s-and-don’ts” of biodiesel home production are emphasized.

Although the book was written in the UK by a Brit, it is oriented more towards the the biodiesel scene in the USA. But, apart from some of the maps and data that relate particularly to the USA, the vast bulk of the book is just as relevant to Europe and elsewhere.

For those interested in the biodiesel scene this is a reference book that will be informative and entertaining to read, and could pay for itself many times over.

(Dr. Whittle has a ‘Doctorate in Engineering’)

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